NEWS | Study Says 42% of the US will be Obese(Even the Homeless) by 2030

According to American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 30 million people will be obese in 2030. 35% of people(adults) are obese today.

1 out of 3 homeless people are overweight(a survey was done in Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, 5623 homeless people). When homeless people ask for money in the streets, they get little change, which they see is great for McDonalds dollar menu.  Or when some people are generous enough to buy them a meal, they don’t think a salad or Subway sandwich, they think the same – McDonalds.

Nutritious food is really expensive compared to other food choices. If you’re living on food stamps, on disability or safety net, or living on nothing, that’s the food you’re going to have to get.  A salad is not in the cards – Barbara Dipietro, policy director of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council


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