NCAA | Roommate Found Guilty in Killing NCAA player Tina Stewart

Shanterrica Madden, 19, was found guilty of 2nd degree murder of Tina Stewart, a Middle Tennessee basketball player. Madden stabbed Stewart to death March 2 2011 after an argument.

Madden stated that the two got into an argument and 5’7″ Stewart is bigger than her(4’11”) and had to defend herself.  But the evidence doesn’t prove she did it for self-defense.

Stewart was stabbed multiple times, Madden sent misleading texts from Stewarts phone after the stabbing and didn’t call for help when Stewart was wounded.

They both lived together in an off-campus apartment.  Stewart was killed before the Sun Belt Conference Tournament began.  The team lost in the first round as their emotions were too strong to be focused in the game.

Stewart’s boyfriend found her, called 911 and she was pronounced dead at the hospital; cause of death was a stab wound in the chest that struck her artery to her heart and punctured her lung.  The sentencing will occur on July 16. Madden can face up to 15 to 60 years in prison.

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