NEWS | Venus Will Cross the Face of the Sun on Tuesday; Won’t Again Until 2117

They call it the “Transit of Venus” where the planet Venus will go across the face of the sun for 7 hours starting at 6pm EST.

It’s a one in a lifetime event. Scientists say do NOT STARE AT THE SUN (duh!) and use special glasses, filtered telescoped or pinhole cameras. Best places to watch the whole transit is in Tahiti, Alaska, Pacific, Eastern Australia & Northeast Asia. Jack Lissauer, scientist at NASA, states:

When the sun is very close to the horizon and it is very red and you can normally look at the sun without hurting your eyes. Then you can actually look at the sun directly and you will see this little circle caused by Venus blocking part of the sun’s light

NASA will be broadcasting on webcast.

The next time this event will happen is in 2117.


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