NEWS | Fatalities from Shootings & Stabbings in CT Over the Weekend

Hartford had another fatality this weekend after a mass amount of shooting over the weekend.  A man was fatally shot in his driveway and died at the hospital around 11:30pm on Thomaston Street.  Another man was shot, but survived, during a brawl at Sangria Bar at 1am on New Britain Ave. Another man was slashed in the throat in Hartford around 6:30pm, but he survived. There were a total of three shootings documented (with wounded victims, only 1 fatal) last night in Hartford.

In New Haven, a 19-year-old was shot and killed on his porch 11pm last night on Frank St.  Victim was identified as Robert Cirino.

In Waterbury, a woman stabbed her male neighbor to death during a verbal argument that turned physical.

In North Branford, 2 people were shot dead during a shooting on Brook Lane.

In Danbury, a man was shot in the Gulf gas station on North St during a armed robbery gone wrong. This is the second time this gas station has been robbed at gun point in a month.

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