NCAA | USC DB says God Made Him Do it; Arrested on Federal Arson Charges

Ex-USC defensive back, one of their best DBs in 2008, has been charged with arson and says God made him do it.

that he just wanted to get out of it and for it all to go away

Kevin Ellison started the fire in is room that engulfed the whole apartment. He escaped by jumping from the 3rd story unit with his roommate.  He told police that started the fire on his bed with a marijuana-filled cigar.

Sources say that Ellison has been acting weird, sending texts saying:

was Jesus and was part of the Second Coming

He played for the Seahawks and Chargers but was arrested when he was caught with 100 Vicodin pills in his car.  Then he went to the AFL, but now is suspended due to this investigation.


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