CELEBS | Chris Brown Sneaks Into Rihanna’s NYC Hotel Room?

That’s what a lot of sources are saying about the former couple; that Breezy snuck into Rihanna’s NYC hotel room last week.  But his reps have confirmed he was not and he was with his current girlfriend Karrueche.

However, now other sources are saying(to Grazia magazine), regardless if Karrueche is his girlfriend (now), theres a bond between Rihanna and Breezy that will not die…anytime soon:

Rihanna has always been obsessed with Chris. She’s yet to have a proper relationship with anyone since they broke up. She just can’t let go of the idea that they’re meant to be together. It’s like he has some sort of hold over her. Chris is in two minds over what to do. He does have feelings for Karrueche but it’s almost like there is some sort of massive pull between him and Rihanna. They have a toxic bond that neither of them seems to be about to let go. He’s absolutely mesmerised every time he sees her.

Chris has been with Karrueche for a little over a year.


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