NEWS | Gymnastics Coach Caught in Tanning Booth with 15-year-old Boy

In Oklahoma, 24-year-old Betsey Brashear was arrested on sex charges for “luring” a teen into a tan booth with her.

The teen and his mom went to a fitness place where Brashear was and she was eyeing the teen. The mother told employees to watch her son as Brashear was flirting with him. When the mother came back and started looking for her son, a person who attended that gym told the mother they say the woman bring her son in a tanning booth. The mother knocked and when it was opened, Brashear had no pants or panties on, but had her bra on. The mother and Brashear got into a scuffle and then police arrived.

The teen stated Brashear asked for him to help her with something when she brought him into the booth and kissed him.

Brashear claims there was nothing wrong with what she did. -_-

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