NEWS | Teen Shot At ‘Sweet Sixteen’; Restaurant Owner Gunned Down; Woman Shot Dead In CT

Police arrived to a house in Manchester CT when they got calls about gunshots. When they arrived, they found a 23 year old woman on the floor shot. When she arrived to the hospital, she was pronounced dead. Police arrested Steve Simpson and charged him with her murder.

Owner of a Vitenemase restaurant in Bridgeport was gunned down in the street as him, 30-year-old Milin Zhao and his wife, were walking to their apartment next door from the restaurant on Wood Ave. 2 men approached them trying to rob them when Zhao was shot in the torso and died. His wife was no injured.

Another shooting happened at a “Sweet Sixteen” party where 3 teens were shot, one is still in extremely critical condition as she was shot in the head. The 3 victims are 15 year old boy, 15 year old girl(the one in extremely critical condition) and 17 year old girl. The teens walked to the porch on Brooks St and men opened fired after a fight that occurred at the party which was at White Eagle Club.

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