NEWS | 2 High School Basketball Stars Killed In Separate Shootings in the Same Day & City

Mandela Jackson and Jordan Hughes were childhood friends and former basketball stars of Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis.

They grew up together, played ball together, became stars together and sadly to say, both got killed together but in separate shootings.

Hughes was found shot on Fuller Ave at 11:30pm last Tuesday and later died at the hospital.

Jackson was found dead Wednesday 8am with a gunshot in the head and between the legs. Jackson was found dead by his brothers.

From what reports say:

Walter Jones, Hughes’ foster father, said he was told by friends that his son had been at a friend’s house in north Minneapolis on Tuesday night. When a friend of Hughes’ went to pick him up, he was told that Hughes had left with Jackson and another friend. Another person reportedly drove Jackson and Hughes to St. Paul, Jones said.

Police are saying these are not random shootings and they have no suspects.

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