NFL | Fights Break Out At Patriots Training Camp

This is the 2nd fight that has happened today at New England Patriots training camp today, pissing Brady and coach Belichick off.

There is no word on who started the fights but from what ESPN says, it ended up being a full team scuffle anyway.

This is the 2nd in 3 days that there has been a fight in the Patriots camp. Coaches were so upset that they left practice.

Patriots linebacker Bobby Carpenter stated:

Competition is good, fighting is not. There is a fine line between taking it to the whistle and taking it a little bit beyond. You hit the same guy and no one wants to be embarrassed out there. The offense wants to look good, [the] defense wants to look good. It’s a contest and that’s what it’s all about. You want to be competitive and improve, but there is a very fine line between competition and fighting.


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