NEWS | Top Fattiest Foods in Some USA States(Pics)

Alabama – Pecan Praline French Toast

Alaska – The Seward Folly(2lb burger)

Connecticut – Deputy Dog (topped with pork  & cheddar)

Georgia – The Luther burger (2 donuts instead of hamburger bun)

Indiana – Peanut Butter Burger

Iowa – Killosal Sandwich (deli meat, huge pork tenderloin, & quad burger stack)

Louisana – Maple Iced Longjohn donut with Bacon

Montana – Giant Cream Cheese Cinammon Roll

Nevada – Quadruple Bypass Burger (9,983 calories)

New York – Larodo Pizza (toppd with pork fat)

Vermont – The Vermonster( 20 scoops of icecrem with all that)


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