NFL | Only One Field Goal Scored in the 1st Monday Night Football Preseason Game

Slooooooow Game — but hey, I still watched it because it’s football!

Here are some stats from this 3 – 0 scored game, Cowboys won by the way.

3rd down conversions were HORRIBLE on both sides: Cowboys were 2 – 10, Raiders 5 – 15. Neither team got over 100 yards in rushing(Cowboys 54, Raiders 89).

Cowboys has a total of 202 yards, Raiders with 253 yards. No fumbles but a total of 3 interceptions.

Cowboys starting QB Tony Romo had 6 passes, completing 3 for 30 yards but was sacked 5 times. Raiders had Carson Palmer, Terrell Pryor and Matt Leinart playing as quarterback.  Pryor is the only quarterback that got sacked (2).

Cowboys’ Dez Bryant only had one reception today for 24 yards which is all the star receiver needed to do as he was benched early.

Raiders’ McFadden had a good game for the little time he was in there, 1 reception for 18 yards and 2 carries for 20 yards — he just needs to stay healthy.

The only scoring FG was made in the 3rd quarter.

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