WTF | Man Rapes & Beats Grandmother Because He “Needed Some”!

That’s just nasty and horrible for two reasons — rape & that’s your grandmother!

Samuel Markus Dye, 20, was arrested for attempted murder and rape of his own grandmother in South Carolina. Dye went to her house at 4am, snuck in her bedroom and began raping her as he stated he “needed some” and complaining how he had no girlfriend. The grandmothers son walked in on the assault and fought Dye off her.

Dye also struck her with a hammer while trying to rape her. She is 61 years-old and is being treated at hospital.

He’s going to get it when he’s in jail! THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THAT IN THERE!

source: News Channel 36

5 thoughts on “WTF | Man Rapes & Beats Grandmother Because He “Needed Some”!

  1. I think u a very ignortant person if u dont know the true facts of something why comment ppl like u make ppl go off and do things not sayin this was right but nobody knows why he did what he did or if he did everything it says and shows u just aint got anything better to do spreadin lies because it didnt happen in North Carolina smh

    • my fault on the north carolina, it happened in SOUTH carolina and i got it from the news station in that state – check it out for yourself, can’t knock me, knock the source — News Channel 36 – WCNC

      • ok but if u got where it happen at them what makes u think everything that is bein said is true? why add on to the story when u dont know the facts or not thats stupid and is wrong also

      • the location was actually my fault, not the story — for some reason you’re feeling some type of way with the story which probably means you’re close to the suspect or know him personally — everyone is innocent until proven guilty in my book but there’s always a story regardless. But like I said, blame the News Channel that lives there and stories like that cannot be printed if there’s “actual malice” — you act like this is the only story on my blog that is like this — and i know for a fact im not the only blog that has this story, there are bigger blogs that have this story like VLADTV and Bossip. Good luck hitting them up too.

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