NFL | Happy Birthday To Last Seasons Most Talked About NFL Player

Tim Tebow just turned 25 today and it’s only right to give one of the most talked about NFL player a story and throw some stats out there.

The latest stories are about who is real girlfriend is and him being on special teams.

But I want to talk about why he became the superstar in the NFL — besides his smooth voice and religious ways or “tebowing”, he shocked the world with his miracle plays last year with the Denver Broncos who haven’t had an entertaining quarterback in years.

Let me bring it back to college where he played for the Florida Gators and won the Heisman Trophy in 2007. In his 2007 season, he broke records:

  • University of Florida single-game quarterback rushing yards, 166, week 4
  • SEC season rushing touchdown record, 20
  • Career high single game rushing touchdowns, 5, Nov. 10
  • SEC season total touchdowns (passing and rushing), 55

He won 2 BCS Championships with the Gators (2007, 09).

He hardly got any playing time with the Broncos until last season when the coaches wanted to give him a try and let Kyle Orton relax. The first game Tebow was in was against the Chargers in the 2nd half — they were down by 16 points and Tebow brought his team back and almost won the game losing 29 – 24. Next game, Tebow led his team to beat the Dolphins after being down 15 points, the first team in NFL history to come back and win being down 15 with 3 minutes left in the game.

He brought the Denver Broncos back to the playoffs, and they haven’t been to the playoffs since 2005! Tebow gave the Broncos hope again, especially as a quarterback since their last great QB was John Elway.

Tebow was released for legend Peyton Manning and is now on the drama-full NY Jets.


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