NEWS | 6 Shot Dead in One Night in Different Shootings in Chicago; 35 Murders Since the 1st

Alonzo Powell, 18, was shot dead on N. Pine Ave. People found his body in a doorway and a revolver was near his body. Another teen was shot on the same block but survived.

Derrick Baker, 18, was shot dead on Wenworth Ave. He is a known gang member and he was also found with a gun but in his hand and police are investigating if he got a shot off before he was gunned down.

Jason SMith, 28, was shot dead on Cottage Grove Ave. He was shot mutiple times in a yard when he was walking with someone.

Taylor Dioro, 17-year-old female, was shot dead in Mikinley Park in a car.

Anthony Carter, 36, was found fatally shot in his car on South Peoria St.

1 other victim have not been identified.

From Friday to Saturday morning, 17 were wounded.

As of August 19, there have been a total of 35 murders in Chicago.


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