NEWS | 4 Murdered, 14 Wounded Over the Weekend in Chicago Violence; 46th Murder in August

Another violent weekend in Chicago.

A 30-year-old Noah Cruz was shot to death on South Wallace St on Friday night.

On Saturday, 17-year-old boy and a woman were shot when a man opened fire in Chatman neighborhood; the 17-year-old did not survive. In West Chesterfield neighborhood, a 34-year-old man Phillip McCall, was shot 6 times near an elementary school which is 2 blocks from his house.

The last murder was at 2:30am, 23-year-old Stephin Williams was gunned down in a robbery gone wrong. Williams was in his car with his girlfriend eating food when 2 men approached his car and tried to rob them. Williams fought back but died doing so. He was the main caregiver for his grandfather his family stated.

There were 14 wounded in Chicago: gunshots to the head, back, torso and etc.

There are already 46 murders in Chicago for just this month.

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