NFL | Dez Bryant Wanted Those Rules; Not Forced On

You probably have heard about the new rules for Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant:

no alcohol

no strip clubs

can attend clubs(that the organization approves of)

3-man security team – driver at all times

curfew 12am

counseling 2x a week

Some say he a grown a** man and he should know better which I agree with. But I see what the Cowboys are going, they put too much time and money and drama for this receiver to just throw him away to another team – at the end of the day, HE IS TALENTED!

Dez Bryant wanted to make it clear that he wanted these rules, that they weren’t forced upon him. ESPN reports:

“(Bryant) wanted to be a part of it,” said Wells, a former bail bondsman who assisted several ex-Cowboys and headed the team-paid security detail for cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones in 2008. “Then Jerry Jones is in great support of this system and said, ‘Let’s get it done.’ It came out that it’s all about somebody forcing it, but he’s accepted responsibility himself to get past any negativity that’s out there and try to move forward.”

Please remember these rules are NOT in his contract.

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