NFL | Cowboys Might Trade Their No.2 Quarterback

The Dallas Cowboys might make a deal for their backup quarterback Stephen McGee. During the preseason game, McGee has 310 yards and 1 INT and Jerry Jones was impressed.

Brian McIntrye, from Around The League NFL, reported Jones’ interview about the No. 2 QB:

“I think we have seen some things out of McGee tonight (Wednesday) that are really encouraging,” Jones said. “Actually, its vintage McGee. You’d like to see him be quicker with the ball, but you see him make some plays. Other teams of course have shown interest in Stephen McGee, so we know that somebody thinks he’s a pretty good ball player. We do, too. It will really depend upon our fifty-third guy without McGee.  Do we think we can live with him or do we think we need the third QB? So that will be something we go through tonight after the game and make the decision tomorrow”

One thought on “NFL | Cowboys Might Trade Their No.2 Quarterback

  1. Actually Kyle Orton is the Cowboys #2 QB. McGee is the 3rd QB.

    I get the strong impression that Jerry wants to keep only 2 QBs on the roster which means they would try to trade McGee or cut him. Of course Jerry would like to get something for him in a trade but I’m not convinced they will be able to. Jerry may be trying to make it appear teams are lined up to get McGee but I doubt it.

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