NEWS | LSU Evacuated After Bomb Threat

CNN reports:

Students at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge remain evacuated from campus Monday afternoon four hours after police received a call claiming there was a bomb on university grounds.

East Baton Rouge Parish police took the 911 call at 10:32 a.m. (11:32 a.m. ET), spokeswoman Christine M. Calongne said.

The university issued a campus alert telling students and staff to “please evacuate as calmly and quickly as possible.”

A state police SWAT team was sent to the campus to help with evacuations, Sgt. Len Marie said. “They have bomb dogs if needed to be utilized on site,” Marie said.

Calongne told CNN that no specific buildings were mentioned in the call.

The lastest text message from school officials was sent at 1:36 p.m. (2:36 p.m. ET), said LSU spokesman Ernest G. Ballard.

The text asked students to “stay off campus unless directed to return,” and to check for updates, Ballard said, adding that the investigation was still ongoing.

On Friday, the University of Texas and North Dakota State University both issued campus-wide alerts after threats that turned out to be unfounded.

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