LADY SPEAKS ON.. “Alex, You Got Randy Moss..USE HIM!”

The 49ers have one of the best wide receivers in NFL history on their team – Randy Moss. And I’m shocked on how Randy Moss has only 8 catches and 1 touchdown this season and it’s going onto Week 5:

1st game (vs Packers) 4 catches

2nd game (vs Lions)  1 catch

3rd game (vs Vikings) 3 catches

4th game (vs Jets) NO catches!

What was the point of the 49ers signing him if they won’t use his great abilities? He’s a hail mary type receiver! Is it that Alex Smith doesn’t trust him? Granted, the 49ers are 3 – 1 but the offense is ranked 30th in passing yards! They lost to the Vikings defense, a defense who has only 1 interception after 4 weeks and they allow 228 passing yards A GAME! The only 2 players on the 49ers who has reception touchdowns are Vernon Davis and Randy Moss! The rushing game is taking over and getting the touchdowns besides defense off of turnovers.

Tom Brady knew how to use Randy Moss and his other receivers! Just pointing out the statistical facts, use him a little more than you are and you will be surprised how you blow out teams(and I’m not counting last game against the injured New York Jets).

If you won’t use him to his full potential, give him to a team next season who will.

One thought on “LADY SPEAKS ON.. “Alex, You Got Randy Moss..USE HIM!”

  1. I think he’s just getting older…he can’t do some of the things he used to do, like being open 100 percent of the time.

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