MLB | Brazilian Businessman Buys Derek Jeter’s NYC Penthouse

NY Yankees Derek Jeter bought his Donald Trumph penthouse in 2001 for $12.7M and put it in the market in 2010 trying to sell it for $20M.

Brazilian beer executive Claudio Ferro has bought the penthosue for $15.5M. NY Post says the house enthouse includes:

“..panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, a slate fireplace, 5 1/2 bathrooms and 16-foot-high walls.

The pad also is personalized for Jeter: the shortstop’s No. 2 is inlaid in the wood of the entryway in a baseball diamond shape.

Jeter also set up an eight-person poker table and a pool table — but the furniture was not included in the sale.”

Jeter has been looking for a smaller apartment and during the season, he’s just been staying in hotel suites until he finds something.

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