NEWS | After Brawl At WCSU Homecoming Game, Fights Erupt At Homecoming Party In Danbury

Police are saying the two incidents are not connected as a brawl happened after the Western Connecticut State University’s Homecoming football game and then hours later, fights hapenned at the same side of campus for the Homecoming party.

4 people have been arrested, 2 from the game and 2 from the party that happened at 12:33am. The 2 men arrested for the party were both 21-year-olds from New Haven Connecticut.

The brawl at the game was WCSU students, alumni and fans against Morrisville St football team, a college in NY. WCSU police called state police, Danbury police, Newtown police to assist in the game brawl. Police had to escort Morrisville team bus out of the campus.

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