NFL | Patriots’ Head Coach Calls Tim Tebow a “Valuable Player”

New England Patriots play the division rival team NY Jets this coming weekend and Bill Belichick had some words about the Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow:

“We saw him play last year. He quarterbacked that team to the playoffs in Denver  and in addition to some of the quarterbacking things, he’s done a lot of other  things for the Jets. Yeah, of course he’s a valuable guy. There’s no doubt about that.

He’s a good runner, strong runner, very strong, good thrower, mobile in the  pocket, smart player, can do a lot of different things. You  certainly have to be aware when he’s in there. In the kicking game, he’s  dangerous because of his versatility…. He carries the ball quite a bit so to  some degree he’s a running back.” – NY Daily News

I mean Belichick has a great eye for quarterbacks as he has one of the best QBs in NFL history, Tom Brady.

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