CELEBS | Rihanna’s Friend Goes in on Karrueche After Chris Was Seen Creepin’ With Her (PIC)

Karrueche is a model but Chris supposedly gave her a lot of money to get her own spot and this pic was tweeted by Rihanna’s friend as you see Karrueche getting money from Chris’ bodyguard.

Anyway Chris was spotted with Karrueche after he gave her gas money.


One thought on “CELEBS | Rihanna’s Friend Goes in on Karrueche After Chris Was Seen Creepin’ With Her (PIC)

  1. Something seem strange with Tran and Brown’s relationship. Why does she still have things that she is moving from his house if the relationship is over? Is she part owner of the house. When the relationship ends and there is no marriage and children involved, as an ex girlfriend she should be out of there. Chris needs to get a lawyer. The longer she keeps her things in his house, the longer she will not go out of his house. How nicer can he be. If the information in the media is true that she still has her things there, then she has no intention to leave and leaving things at his house gives her an excuse to continue to have contact with him, she can use coming to pick her things to harass him, see him, get Rehanna angry at chris in hopes that Rehanna will break up with Chris and she will be in his life again. Somebody in his circle should know the dangers and inform Chris. This is serious and can be extremely serious for Chris and rehanna, especially Chris who is on probation. Tran seems like she wants to hurt Chris, or trap him by getting pregnant. Look Chris, Get a lawyer’s advise, issue her a lawyer friendly letter for her to move at a certain date, and when she is finished let her sign a document indicating that she has removed all of her personal belongings and will not return to his home., Arrange for a moving company to pack her things and move them at one time, make sure you have someone as a witness don’t get into any confrontation with her. Don’t drag this out any longer, it spells trouble.

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