NFL | Refs Got It Wrong, Incorrectly Gave Carolina Panthers a Touchdown!

What sucks about this, is that they are not the replacement referees and the Panthers only won by one possession. Panthers won 21 to 13 against the Washington Redskins.

But an NFL spokesman stated and NFL reports:

“In Sunday’s game between the Carolina Panthers and Washington Redskins, the Panthers were incorrectly awarded a touchdown following an inadvertent whistle,” an NFL spokeperson said in a statement to CBS Sports.

The referee appeared to be anticipating Williams going out of bounds, but the running back never got that close. The whistle was blown with Williams at the 17-yard line. Redskins defenders stopped pursuing him. And yet the touchdown was allowed to stand.

The ball should have been dead when the official blew the whistle. The Panthers should have had a chice to have the ball on the 17-yard line or replay the down at the 30-yard line.

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