NEWS | State Police, Bridgeport Police Patrol Court House for 5 Teens Charged For Drive By Shooting Death

CT Post reports:

More than 70 people packed a Main Street courthouse Tuesday morning as five  young men were brought in to face murder charges for the gang-related killing of  a Harding  High School student on mischief night.

Police cars ringed the block around the courthouse and State  Police with dogs patrolled the halls.

One by one the defendants, 17-year-old Khaliq  Brown, Joseph  Humphrey, 16, Jaquan  Williams, 17, Roshawn  Robinson, 20 and Kayne Minor, 18, were led before Superior  Court Judge Robert  Devlin — all with their hands and feet shackled

On Oct. 30 Nwalozie, a student at Harding High School, was gunned down at the  intersection of Hallett and Shelton streets. Police said Nwalozie was walking  along the street with some friends shortly after 5 p.m. when shots rang out from  a passing red sports utility vehicle with tinted windows. As Nwalozie lay dying  in the street from a gunshot wound in the back he was urged by detectives to  name his killer.

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