NEWS | JFK Worker Caught In $1.9M Mini iPad Heist

Renel Richardson, JFK worker, was arrested for stealing thousands of iPad minis (total $1.9M worth). NY Post reports:

Federal agents were able to nab Renel Rene Richardson because he allegedly made suspicious inquiries to co-workers about the gadget shipment and where forklifts might be found, according to court papers.

The iPads were stolen Monday using an airport forklift. The job went down at the same JFK cargo building that was the site of the 1970s Lufthansa heist featured in the mob flick “GoodFellas.”

Richardson allegedly had two helpers in the heist at the Cargo Air Services building, which is where he also worked, according to a criminal complaint filed in Brooklyn federal court.

Richardson allegedly acted as a lookout, according to court papers. The other, unidentified criminals loaded two pallets of the tablet computers onto a truck, and drove away after another worker confronted them, sources said.

Port Authority detectives found out about Richardson’s alleged inquiries about the iPads and the forklift after talking to his co-workers.

It is unsure if iPad Minis have been recovered.

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