NEWS | Man Tries to Copy ‘Dark Knight’ Shooting At ‘Twilight Breaking Dawn” Premiere

The only reason why this Missouri man was caught before he did this horrible crime was because his mother snitched on him.

His mother snitched on him when she realized he purchased guns similiar to the guns used in the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ theater shooting in July.

Blaec Lammers, 20, was charged with making a terroristic threat, armed criminal action & first degree assault. He did confess to police that he planned on shooting up the theater and Walmart:

According to the probable cause statement, Lammers also planned to “just  start shooting people at random” at a Walmart store less than a mile away. He  said he’d purchased two assault rifles and 400 rounds of ammunition, and if he  ran out of bullets, he would “just break the glass where the ammunition is being  stored and get some more and keep shooting until police arrived,” investigators  wrote.

Lammers stated he wanted to stab a Walmart employee to death and followed an  employee around a Walmart store before officers got involved in 2009, according  to police.


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