NFL | Tom Brady Disappointed In Receiving Game, Thanks The Rush

NFL’s Albert Breer spoke to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Brady mentioned that the running game on his team is the biggest improvement and savior:

“That’s important — we’re running it efficiently; Steven (Ridley) had a great year, Shane (Vereen) made plays, Danny (Woodhead) made plays, Brandon (Bolden) made plays for the 10 minutes he’s been in there. Running the ball has saved us in a lot of games.”

Brady was disappointed last week when they only beaten the Bills by one possession and that’s mostly thanks to Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing an interception at the last minute.

“Every time you take the field you’re trying to score. I don’t think you’re taking the field, saying we’re gonna take four minutes off the clock and punt it to the other team.

There hasn’t been too many times where I thought, ‘Wow, they schemed us up on that one.’ It’s usually a mistake we made that leads to them to making a play”.

Even though he’s not too content with his offense, Brady has a quarterback rating of 100.1 with 2,645 passing yards and 18 touchdowns, ONLY 3 interceptions as we enter Week 11.

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