SMH | Man Tries To Rob Undercover Cop With Pellet Gun, Gets Killed


Undercover cops were being robbed by a man with a pellet gun in Queens last night.

The two officers shot the man dead, not realizing it was a pellet gun and the theft not realizing they were undercover cops.  NY Post reports:

Not realizing that the two plainclothes men were actually police officers involved in a drug buy-and-bust, Victor Santos, 42, thought he had stumbled on a robbery in progress at Seneca and Gates Avenues in Ridgewood — and hoped to clean out all three men for himself, authorities said.

“He thinks he’s witnessing a drug [robbery] and thinks he’s going to take the proceeds from everyone,’’ said a police source, adding that Santos was known in the neighborhood for pulling heists.

Santos exited the livery car he was in, ran toward the trio and raised his gun at the officers as their backs were turned, police said.

The handcuffed dealer saw Santos pulling his weapon and informed him that he was waving a gun at law enforcement, not a pair of thugs, authorities said.

‘They’re cops, you idiot!” Rivera bellowed as the detectives wheeled around to face Santos.

Face to face with what they thought was a Glock semiautomatic pistol, the officers squeezed off six shots and struck the seasoned shakedown artist three times in the torso and leg, cops said.

One thought on “SMH | Man Tries To Rob Undercover Cop With Pellet Gun, Gets Killed

  1. There should be an immediate release of information regarding whether or not the officers involved in this fatal shooting were members of firearm promoting organizations like the national rifle association. NRA. Immediately at the scene they should have been subjected to HAIR ANALYSIS as well as blood and urine toxicology screenings. The police screenings are lax on steroids they should check thoroughly for their presence. This should be done in any case where a public servant or anyone else shoots another person. This horrific incident illustrates what has gone horribly wrong with firearm policy. According to FBI statistics in New York in 2011 out of all the people murdered with a firearm 75% of the time it was a handgun. Its the same or worse in most of the other states. Yet criminally, powerful agencies like the PBA, FOP, AFSCME and the like work with the NRA to buy law from their separation of powers violating business partners the ABA. Warping the second amendment beyond anything reasonable or common sense can allow, keeping gun laws lax and guns on the street and people shooting at each other. Anyone taking an honest look at the statistics can see at a glance that we have a serious HANDGUN problem. The root cause and source of that problem lies on the belt of police who already also have tasers, mace, and billyclubs as well as other experimental prototypes in the works. The situation has become ridiculous. Something has to be done. Handgun owners are holding everyone else hostage. I love when they say you should have to carry one to protect their right to carry one and of course they ALL ARE PURCHASED LEGALLY initially so there are illegal guns. This is a scourge a lethal plague on our nation with an infinite shelf life Ending gun violence begins with disarming the police. Lets end gun violence now. Ban all handguns, sawed offs, semis, autos, and military weapons. Anyone over the age of 18 and hasn’t been convicted of a gun crime or stalking should be able to have a long stock rifle or shotgun with a safety course. Police firearms should be locked in the trunk of their car or back at the station to be unlocked only in an emergency. There are no heros here these guys are using their criminally excessive influence to keep the public in fear of gun violence, minorities, and gangs/ organized crime built around a drug war they are forcing on the public against their will and which they ultimately have been the largest financial beneficiaries thereof. A mandatory minimum parole disqualifier of 25 or 30 years stipulated would make even the most hardened criminals drop them and recoil in horror. Most of our gun violence will disappear. Let’s ask George Zimmerman how persuasive law enforcement was when they told him to buy that handgun. Up where I live weve got some fool sheriff publicly saying gun control laws are completely illegal all while he and his buddies can stop you strip search you on the side of the road go through your pockets and possibly even force you to allow them to see your genitals while you urinate.

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