Victims, Families, Newtown, My Home State Connecticut — My Heart Is With You


This tragedy hits hard in my heart, especially living only 5 minutes away. Innocent children and adults were taken away by an evil person.

It scares me to think an evil person as he was is walking around and very close to home. He even went to the same college I did, probably walked in the same mall or went to the same clubs as I did. Now we have to worry about the copy cats that might occur and the ignorant people out there who have harsh comments on the tragedy.

Stop with the “political” comments and be a human for once.

I understand life goes on, but these victims barely lived at 6 and 7 years of age, plus the adults who were educators.

The youth and potential that was taken is what hurts the most. It hurts Danbury bad as we see Newtown as our “neighborhood friend”. WCSU  was also affected as Professor of Music lost his daughter and a student here lost his mother.

It will be very hard and a very long time to cope with such a tragedy in our back yard.

No words can describe how my heart hurts for all the victims, and we do have to include the suspect’s mother.

My heart is with the victims, families and everyone affected.

May the angels rest in peace.

– Shannon P, owner & writer of Lady in the Man Cave

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