NBA | Carmelo Anthony & Kevin Garnett Beef Explained..


Supposedly to sources, the beef between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett is over Anthony’s wife, former MTV host Lala.

Garnett told Anthony that his wife taste like honey nut cherrios.. It has not been confirmed if Garnett and Mrs. Anthony have had sexual relations before.

Anthony and Garnett were going at each other mid way in the 4th when Garnett boxed out and pushed Anthony hard. Anthony got into his face and from what it looked like he said was “pu**y a** ni**a” and the both got in each others face and got technical.

The 2 stars kept exchanging words anytime there was a dead ball but reports state after the Knicks lost game, Anthony went to the Celtics’ locker room trying to get Garnett to come out and he even went to the Celtics coach bus trying to get to Garnett and wanting to fight.


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