NBA | Carmelo Anthony To Divorce Lala After Kevin Garnett’s Remark??


Carmelo Anthony of the NY Knicks has been suspended for one game because of not his during the game beef with Celtics’ Kevin Garnett, but his actions after when he went to the Celtics’ tour bus trying to confront Garnett about a remark he said about his wife Lala that she tasted like “Honey Nut Cherrios”.

Anthony later tells the press he only wanted to talk to Garnett.

Anyway, a source of the couple told NY Daily News today that the couple is on the verge of divorcing and NOT because of what Garnett said. The couple have been living separately for a few months and Lala stopped coming to his games which is odd because she never misses any of his home games. The reason the source brought it up now is because of the spark in the media about Anthony, Lala and Garnett.

There’s no confirmation from the two if they are divorcing or separating.

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