NEWS | Arrests Made In Deadly Nightclub Fire That Killed Over 200 People In Brazil


The first funerals of victims from this tragic event began today and arrests have started also.

So far, co-owner of club KISS has been arrested, singer Marcelo Santos was also arrested at his friends wake who was killed in the fire. Others have been arrested and police have also put out a warrant for the 2nd club co-owner and a 3rd, who has disappeared.

More than 230 people, mostly college students who attend Santa Maria University, were killed in the blaze at a popular nightclub KISS around 2:30am Sunday that holds sometimes thousands of people. Witnesses say fireworks that were let off by the band started the fire. Similar tragedy to the Rhode Island incident where at club Station, a band blasted fireworks during their performance that engulfed the club into a firebomb in 5 minutes. There are videos of the tragedy from inside to outside on YouTube. 100 people died from that nightclub fire in 2003.

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