NBA | Iverson Turns Down the NBA Comeback Offer


Allen Iverson was reportedly offered a chance to make an NBA comeback by starting off in the D-League with Dallas Mavericks and more than likely being signed with the Mavericks if he performed well.

As NBA fans and Mavs were excited about an Iverson comeback, he wasn’t as he turned down the offer according to ESPN reports.

Iverson tweeted:

“I thank Donnie and Dallas for the consideration and while I think the D-League is a great opportunity, it is not the route for me.”

I realize my actions contributed to my early departure from the NBA, should God provide me another opportunity I will give it my all. … My dream has always been to complete my legacy in the NBA.

To my fans, I love yall! Not a day goes by that I am not asked when am I coming back, we all must accept that my return is not up to just me.”

One thought on “NBA | Iverson Turns Down the NBA Comeback Offer

  1. He was a very great and selfish player. If he really wanted to play in the NBA again, he should have taken the deal. He just didn’t want to start from the D-league again. But it sounds like Dallas made him a good offer. You can’t be gone that long and expect to jump right back into the game. He would just have to prove himself again.

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