MUSIC | 50 Cent Says HELL NO to the Game For Trying to Reunited GUNIT!


50 Cent is basically telling the Game to f*** off and that his whole petition on Facebook to get GUNIT back together will not happen because who is he to even speak about a reunion for GUNIT. Also he’s doing it to make himself relevant since his ‘bully videos’ are not working anymore:

“You’re not gonna get nothing back together,” 50 said. “I decide that. I  do what I want to do. I don’t give a fu*k what they talking about on a  blog post.”

Every time there was nothing going on [Game] said “Fu*k you, 50,” to  generate some sort of new interest. But now that doesn’t  work anymore. So you gotta figure out a new way to do it. And now it’s  saying, ‘We’ll get G-Unit back together’. – VLADTV,


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