NFL | Lights Out For 34 Minutes and For The San Francsico 49ers in the Superbowl


Very interesting Super Bowl I must say as the power went out after the kick return touchdown by Ravens Jacoby Jones. Half of the New Orleans Saints’ arena was in the dark — many say it was a set up for the 49ers, some blame Beyoncé performance, the NFL are still investigating.

Score 21 to 6 with Ravens up and Niners Kaepernick not scoring ONE touchdown in the first half. The momentum shifted to the Niners side after the power came back on after 34 minutes of stand still players.

The most debatable call in the game was a no call on pass interference in the endzone as wide receiver Crabtree missed a possibly catch — some say it was “uncatchable”. The catch would have had the Niners in the lead with less than 2 minutes in the game.

Ravens manage to escape with the win and star player Ray Lewis shall retire with a ring. Congrats to Joe Flacco for winning his first ring, the Superbowl MVP and for proving people wrong.

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