2 thoughts on “VOTE | Nelly Left Ashanti For Tae (Nicki Minaj Look-a-Like) From “The Game”, Who Looks Better? (PICS)

  1. Really?? Yall really gonna have a voting poll?? Pathetic. Another blog post with a lame wrong title. Actually Ashanti LEFT Nelly because he was cheating. He was dating this tae person at the same damn time he was in a relationship with the beautiful ms. Ashanti. Smh.

  2. You blog people really need to quit with this story. Ashanti broke up with him because she found out about their ongoing affair.. Sadly not even a month after her birthday.. Smh but a poll though?? Seriously?? Stop giving this home wrecking heffer all of this attention.. Let them have eachother and the end

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