WOW | Study Reveals Good Women Outnumber “Eligible” Men In Connecticut


The Atlantic did this study on educated working women & men specifically in Southwest CT, that being Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Danbury, Norwalk areas (Fairfield County):

According to the Atlantic, the Stamford-Bridgeport metro area (which lines up perfectly with the outline of Fairfield County) has good odds for young women, with a 24.2 percent gap between the number of “eligible” women and men — that means for every 10 men who fit the specs outlined by the Atlantic, there are about 12 women. That’s better than the national average, which was a 29.7 percent gap, meaning there were about 13 women per 10 men fitting the bill.

The Stamford-Bridgeport area seems to have it a bit better for young women than New Haven, where the gap is 30.6 percent, but according to the data, Hartford has the best balance in the state, with a 18.6 percent gap, making it the 11th most balanced metro in the country. – CT Post

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