NBA | Lil Wayne Apologizes To Miami & Lebron, NOT CHRIS BOSH or THE NBA!


This story is funny to me. So I’m going to put the interview in my own words, you can go to Worldstarhiphop to listen to the whole radio interview which is about 10 – 15 minutes long.

Lil Wayne basically apologized to Lebron James because he’s cool with him and his mother and he also apologized to the city of Miami. But he refused to apologize to Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade. Supposedly Wade doesn’t like him and he’s one of the reasons why he had to leave the Lakers vs Heat game. He has not said that his story of having sex with Adrienne Bosh is not true and she has yet to say NO ITS NOT TRUE but left some long tweet going AROUND the allegations.

Lil Wayne also is supposedly BANNED from NBA games and he claims he spent $1.5M a year for floor seats and he doesn’t get discounts or deals.

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