WOW | Check Out The Biggest Mall In The World!! (PICS)


This mall is in China (twice as big as the Mall of America, USA’s biggest mall) and when it first opened in 2005, expected 70,000 shoppers were shopping each day. But that’s not the case as it’s near empty except for restaurants, the amusement park and nearby IMAX theater. Daily Mail reports why:

Chinese retail experts say one of the problems  is the lack of transport infrastructure to bring the shoppers in.

Now known as the ‘New’ South China Mall (the  ‘New’ was added in a failed relaunch in 2007), it doesn’t lie on any major  transport network or nearby airport, and can take hours to get to via public  transport, even for those living a short distance away.

A reporter who wrote this detailed  account of the mall  for said it took  him more than two-and-a-half hours to get to the mall by bus from six miles  away.

But even if the locals could get there, they  might not want to.

Dongguan has a population of more than 10m,  but with most of the inhabitants working in the city’s factories, they do not  have deep enough pockets to do justice to a a high-end shopping  centre. – Harriet Arkell,, January 9 2013

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