MUSIC | Rihanna & Ciara Beefin’ Again??? (PIC)


Rihanna and Ciara have exchanged words before but now it’s involving Rihanna’s bestie Melissa.

According to GlobalGrind, Melissa posted a picture of her and Rihanna (pic below) on the phone looking at each other with captions: #BodyParty (bathroom acapella version) #London

Ciara fans took that to heart even though it seemed Rihanna or Melissa were not trying to start anything. The C-Squad fans went at Melissa and Rihanna via Twitter saying their both insecure, especially Rihanna due to the fact that she went back to a man that beat her, they’re jealous of Ciara (pic below) and blah blah blah. Future even gets involved by tweeting things as well.



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