SMH | 12-Year-Old Killed After Bully Beats Him During Recess


Bailey O’Neill, 12 year old 6th grader in Delaware, was beaten by a bully during recess on January 10th at Darby Township School.

The kid suffered seizures plus a fractured nose and concussion before ending up in a coma.

The 12 year old has been declared dead after the family took him off life support. His father stated:

O’Neill said his son told him that one boy pushed him into another boy who allegedly bullied him and punched him. His son didn’t want to fight, he said.

He wanted to walk away and couldn’t,” he said. “If someone wants to walk away, let them walk away.”

O’Neill said the fight occurred in the late morning, and Bailey was sent back to class. However, the boy’s mother, Jina Risoldi, wasn’t notified until several hours after the incident, he said. – Sarah Hoye, CNN


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