CELEBS | Jaden Smith Plays One Sister For The Other! Pimpin’ Already?


Jaden Smith is at that age already — doesn’t seem like it was that long ago watching him in the remake of Karate Kid. But anyway, according to Bossip & their sources, Jaden Smith was involved with Kendall Smith, the older sister, but now is all over the younger sister Kylie Jenner.

“Jaden was hopelessly infatuated with Kendall, but their age difference got in the way,” revealed an insider.

“With Kendall’s encouragement­, Jaden decided to switch his attention to Kylie.”

In late February, Jaden, who starred in “The Karate Kid,” spent time with Kylie in New York City, and she posted a  picture online of them grabbing a meal at a Subway restaurant.

Then, on March 2, Jaden – who was in London for Justin Bieber’s birthday party – showed up with Kylie at the super-elegant restaurant Nobu, where a single dish can run as much as $200.

And Kylie’s mother, Kardashian clan “momager” Kris Jenner, was said to be delighted with the match.

“She’s pushing for Kylie and Jaden to become the family’s next power couple,” said an insider.

But Will and his wife Jada Pinkett- Smith are determined to keep their son from getting tangled up in the scandal-plagued Kardashian reality show empire.

Before Jaden went on his London date, his concerned parents laid down the rules – the only way he could go is if Will acted as escort.

“Will and Jada aren’t in favor of Jaden dating either Kylie or Kendall,” said an insider. “So they won’t be leaving the new lovebirds alone.” – national enquirer

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