WOW | Chris Brown Puts Karrueche On Blast In Song For Living Off of His Money, “F****n For Your Rent”


Chris Brown has been paying for his ex girlfriend Karrueche’s condo since when she moved in his house, she didn’t have nothing. The kindess of Breezy’s heart got her a condo so he can have his spot to himself (and Rihanna of course). He is still paying for it I assume and even put her on to a job, the new clothing line The Kill. In his new song “Let The Blunt Go”, he’s venting about someone:

“If you say you got to work why you in the club hoe? Hell no you can’t smoke my drugs ho Now you in the club tryin’ to f*** no love hoe How you do that there? b**** let the blunt go”

“If you f*****’ for your rent you a lame hoe Oops, yeah I said that…”

It could just be for the song, but it is a coincidence since shorty has been IG’s clubbin’ pics all the time and living off of his money.

(source: bossip)

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