NFL | 49ers Quarterback Leaves Woman, Who He Met Online, Stranded!


The 49ers new quarterback and star Colin Kaepernick is not so friendly with women.

A report from a few weeks ago reported that Kaepernick broke up with his long time girlfriend for some model. The model has yet to confirm any relationship. But he is doing his thing as Black Sports Online reported that Kaepernick left a girl stranded at the airport he was suppose to meet. Model Melody Jai tweeted the whole story:

“Shame on you Colin Kaepernick!! Why am I mentioning this guy? Well, a friend of mine contacted me a few days ago and asked if I could help out a young lady that was stranded at the airport and didn’t know anyone in Atlanta. Any friend of his is a friend of mine, so I agreed to help the young lady out. I spoke to her briefly and luckily she had found a hotel close to the airport. I wasn’t able to pick her up, but I was able to be a sympathetic ear to her and give her some advice.”

She continued, “What I found out was that allegedly this young lady flew here to see Colin. They had never met in person only on Skype and talked on the phone, for five months. I also fell victim to this recently, but that is a whole other story. Now that the season is over he had free time for them to finally meet


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