NFL | Dallas Cowboys Giving Tony Romo A LONG Extension!

Tony Romo

Adam Schefter has reported that the Dallas Cowboys have given quarterback Tony Romo a 6 year extension woth $108 million!

With Tony Romo as starting quarterback for the Cowboys, they have been to the playoffs 3 times but never won the Super Bowl with him. They were division championships in 07 and 09 but haven’t won a conference championship since 1995 — the last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl was in 1995 with Troy Aikman as quarterback and got Deion Sanders that year from the 49ers who beat them in the Super Bowl the prior year (94).

Romo had 4903 yards (65.6% completion rating), 28 touchdowns, 19 interceptions and sacked 36 times. His best season with the Cowboys was in 2011 with a QB rating of 102.5.

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