VOTE | NFL Says Carson Palmer in “The Perfect Spot” With Arizona Cardinals! …Career Still There Or Over?


No April Fools joke either. The NFL have reported that the Raiders QB Carson Palmer is now a Arizona Cardinal and are suggesting (well some analyst) that this is the “perfect spot: for his career.

A brief history on Palmer, who was once called the “golden child” of USC football:

Since 2003, he has played for 2 teams, the Bengals and the Raiders. He averages 7.2 yards a pass, he has 189 touchdowns and a 130 interceptions. He has been sacked more than he has thrown TDs (203) and 1434 off of those sacks and he has fumbled the ball 51 times. Last season with the Raiders, he had 22 touchdowns and 14 interceptions (85.3 QB rating).

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