NEWS | You Never Know Whose Watching – BIG Drug Raids Across CT, 100 Arrested!


Newstimes reports:

A small army of federal, state and local law enforcement agents swept down on  heroin and cocaine drug trafficking operation early Wednesday morning arresting  nearly 100 people and seizing money, guns, cash and expensive cars.

Most of the arrests took place in New London county but there were arrests  across the state including Bridgeport and also in other states. Some of the  individuals arrested are believed connected to the Latin  Kings and Dominican gangs.

Nearly 700 investigators were involved in the arrests.

The cases are being handled in both state and federal court.

Several U.S. Magistrate judges were summoned to the federal courthouse in New  Haven to handle the presentments.

The investigation caps an 18-month undercover probe by the U.S. Department of  Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs  Enforcement division. Special Agent Rod Khattabi is serving as the case  agent.

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