CELEBS | Justin Timberlake & Wife Beefin’ Over Rihanna?


Bossip & National Enquirer have reported that Justin Timberlake’s wife, actress Jessica Biel, is not to pleased with her husband right now.

JT wants Rihanna to help him with getting MySpace back to life, since he owns some stake in MySpace, and also do some music together.

But if you don’t recall, there were rumors about the two having some type of “relations” — probably coming from the music video they did together awhile back, “Rehab”.

Rihanna has denied the allegations and said she doesn’t want Justin.

“Jessica has had her trust issues with Justin, and knowing that he’s schmoozing Rihanna really makes her nervous,” revealed an insider.

“She’s told Justin that she wants him to avoid dealing with RiRi one-on-one and leave the negotiating to his business team, but that’s not how Justin rolls.”

As The ENQUIRER reported back in 2009, when reports swirled that Justin, 32, and Rihanna, 25, were fooling around while collaborating on the sexpot’s album, she secretly called Jessica to assure her that wasn’t the case. “But Jessica knows Justin like the back of her hand, and she can tell he’s got a crush on Rihanna,” said the source. “Now she’s worried all over again!” – BOSSIP & National Enquirer

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